Sea Minor, a John Welsford Navigator.

This blog is about Sea Minor. I'm not sure about the name but that is what she was been called by the man who built her and changing a boat's name is a tricky business because you have to avoid upsetting Poseidon the god of the sea.

Sea Minor is a Navigator, a boat designed by John Welsford. Her vital statistics are: overall length 4.5m (14ft 9in), beam 1.8m (5ft 10in) and design weight is 140kg (309lbs). You can read more about this design at

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Centreboard Modifications

Way back in this blog (27 Nov 2011) is a post about the centreboard. The centreboard was not shaped correctly according to the plans. At that time I decided to use it as it was. Recently I have become more aware that the centreboard doesn't swing all the way down. The reason is that the hole of the pivot pin was not at right angles to the surface of the board and so, as it swung down, it twisted and jammed in the case. Last time I was sailing I decided that something had to be done!

The board is out of the boat and in the workshop. Here is a photo of the top of the board. The curved outline of the original board is visible under the new piece of timber that has been glued on. The new timber matches the shape called for by the plans. The origianl pivot pin hole has been filled in and the correct centre of the hole marked by the crossed lines. The new holes will be drilled and the tops part of the board re- fibreglassed and painted. Hopefully, the modified board will swing down to its correct position when it is put back in the boat.

I have also made a new tiller arm to replace the straight short original arm. I'm hoping that the new arm will allow me to sit further forward in the boat and that this will help with maneuverability in light winds. Here is a photo of the new arm in position.